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LATEST NEWSNew Dandenong South Depot – NOW OPEN Enquires
“W” Class Tram Sort and relocate Victoria’s retired “W” class trams from a confined storage location.

The Job:

Melbourne has a store of retired “W” class trams in a storage location. The client required these trams to be sorted, moved and loaded for delivery to varied and numerous locations throughout the project. The locations include various sites throughout Victoria and further afield, and at times simply to an alternate position within the storage location.

Not all trams were on rolling stock. Some trams had to be craned from awkward positions within a tight area, requiring a crane with the ability to work within restricted space. Our electric crane was utilised to execute the task within the confined space.

All trams were craned to another area within the storage facility or placed onto floats for delivery. Delivery locations are varied and also required site specific logistical solutions. The project is ongoing.

Services Provided

8 tonne forklift
Electric 55 tonne crane
Franna cranes
Transport float
Machinery rigger and van