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Building Construction 100 story Melbourne CBD Building Facade Logistics.

The Job:

The client was responsible for a 100 story building construction located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. L.Arthur co-ordinated and implemented the logistics to ensure delivery of individual and unique building facade componants to the building construction site, on-demand, to help meet intense building construction schedule.

Approximately 1,000 containers containing thousands of individual and unique pieces of building facade for the construction project arrived at the wharf. The containers were picked up, unpacked and stored at our West Melbourne depot. This warehouse is conveniently located next to the Melbourne CBD, close to the location of the building site.

L.Arthur executed on-demand delivery of very specific, and individually selected, Building Facade products to the building construction site to meet an intense crane schedule.

Services Provided

Logistics services
Container unpack
Order picking
Delivery to site