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Aircraft Fuselage Transportation and crane unload of 21 metre Aircraft Fuselage.

The Job:

The client imported a 21.0 * 5.5 * 4.5 metre Aircraft Fuselage into Melbourne and required it to be delivered to their premises in Port Melbourne. They required it to be unloaded into a specific position to allow for access. As a further challenge, the client had a small factory space with a tight entrance into their premises.

To implement this project, L. Arthur loaded the fuselage directly under the ship's hook at Melbourne Wharf. This step required precision positioning of our extendable step deck right alongside the import vessel. The fuselage was then transported under escort to our clients premises, and navigated into position within the workshop. L. Arthur supplied 2 cranes to lift the fuselage off our transport and placed it into a specified position.

Services provided

Over-dimensional transport
Logistics coordination